Nvidia MX330 and MX350 Mobile GPU Officially Listed

Nvidia listed some mobile GPUs under its new MX300 series on its website. The lineup currently includes the MX330 and MX350, and we can expect a few more to be announced under this new series. According to previous rumors, the two new chips are based on asche which is now the Pascal architecture. The MX330 and MX350 are said to be 2x and 2.5x faster than the (Ice Lake) Iris Plus graphics on the Intel i7-1065G7 processor. Some specs of both GPUs are also listed on the official website, which suggests that they support the GDDR5 memory interface and many APIs, OSs and interfaces.

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Some additional information about the two new GPUs is revealed by NotebookCheck, which clearly captured the benchmark numbers. According to the report, the MX330 and MX350 are said to be identical to the “nerfed GTX 1050” on par with “MX150 v3,” and “GTX 960M”, respectively. The MX330 is essentially a rebranded MX250 because it apparently has a 0.8 percent higher clock speed for the 25W version, the report claims. For the MX350, it may be based on the same GP107 Pascal chip as the GTX 1050. However, the GPU apparently only features a 64-bit memory bus and can operate less on a 25W TGP. The MX350 results are said to correspond to the GTX 960M instead of the GTX 1050.


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The above mentioned image is called the MX350’s initial benchmark with other NVIDIA GPUs. This is a screenshot of the 1920×1080 Fire Strike graphics benchmark with the MX350 set as the base line. One will note that the MX350’s performance is quite close to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M and that the GeForce GTX 1050 mobile GPU is about 38 percent faster than the MX350. In another test, the MX330 was shown to be reduced by about 11 percent slower than the MX350. These new chips are expected to be the last Pascal-based refresh of Nvidia’s GeForce MX series for ultra-mobile laptops.

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