To get ready for IFA 2019, smartphone and feature phone manufacturer HMD Global has announced a bunch of products in the segment under its Nokia brand. Along with the new smartphones, it has also launched Nokia Power earbuds, which are actually a pair of wireless earphones that promise to charge up to 150 hours of battery per square cycle thanks to the headset’s 3,000mAh charging case. The earphones are priced at EUR 79 (about Rs 6,300), and will go on sale from October.

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Nokia power earbuds follow the Nokia True Wireless earbuds that were launched earlier this year, and a much larger charging case with 3,000 million batteries. The charging case claims to be capable of topping 50mAh batteries over 30 earbuds. The earbuds themselves have a claimed battery life of 5 hours, giving power earbuds a total battery life of 150 hours per charge cycle.
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The earbuds are charged only by placing them in the charging case, and the case can be charged through its USB Type-C port. Control on the Nokia Power earbuds is touch-enabled, and three pair ear tips are included in the sales package. Earphones only allow you to use a voice assistant on your smartphone for hands-free voice commands.

In addition, the Nokia Power earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity, and are IPX7 rated for water resistance, meaning you can submerge earbuds up to 1 meter in water for up to 30 minutes without any damage . The earphones are powered by 6mm Graphene drivers, and are available in two color options, Charcoal Black, and Light Gray.

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Although there is no official word on availability in India, the price of earphones can be around the price of Nokia True Wireless earbuds whenever they launch in India, i.e. around Rs. 10,000. While there are plenty of wireless wireless earphones available in all price ranges, the promise of 150 hours of battery life per charge cycle will give Nokia Power earbuds a significant edge over the competition.

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