Nokia 9 Launch Date News Leak

Launch of Nokia 8, after a longtime Nokia again getting back with Nokia 9 – is rumored to be on the way.

The Nokia 9 could land on Tuesday August 21, which is just days away, as Nokia Mobile has teased a handset for that date, saying it’s ‘the most awaited phone . The Nokia 9 isn’t mentioned by name, but no other Nokia-branded phone is this highly anticipated, so it’s the obvious candidate. Release date of Nokia 9 is suppose to be a rumor. also we heard that it will come before the end of 2018. According to sources Nokia 8 Pro will launch in August.

Nokia 9 Screen:

Nokia 9 has a 5.7inch curved OLED screen, while the Nokia 8 pro screen will be 5.5inches.

Nokia 9 design:

From sources Nokia 9 came with all metal body, which would be water resistance and curvy build. While other says to expect it to be IP68 certified, which would make it dust proof and water resistant. It has dual-lens front-facing camera. But there is no fingerprint camera on this phone.

Nokia 9 Camera:

It has a front facing dual lens camera.
Nokia 9 Rumors pointed to a dual-lens camera, claiming it 22Mb and another one would be 12MP.

The rear camera will be apx. 41Mp

Nokia 9 battery:

Rumors says Nokia 9 has 3800mAh battery along with fast charging feature.

Nokia 9 OS :

A powerful snapdragon 845 chip-set, along with two different variant of 6GB or 8GB RAM.
It’s having Android Pie.

Nokia 9 other features:

It’s having 3D audio recording, an iris scanner and in screen scanner.

Nokia 9 price:

The price of Nokia 9 would be around:
$560/£415/AU$735 starting price

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