nokia 9 pureview

Finally HMD Global has launched Nokia 9 PureView, which is the world’s first smartphone having five rear camera setup. Nokia 9 pureview smartphone’s can shoot the pictures with all five sensor at the same time. According to company, each single lens shoot simultaneously at the same time when a user is relying on the camera. All cameras are 12MP sensors with three monochromatic and two RGB sensors with PDAF focus. Camera is set in RAW by defalt to shoot images, users can change it from the settings.

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According to company, the software installed in device can control each lens individually, also the camera can capture 60MP to 240MP of data. It also has a HDR mode, also the company claims that the camera can identify 1200 layers of depth in portrait shot.

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Nokia 9 pureview is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, and price is set to $699. It has 2k screen without any notch at the top, also comes with bezels at top and bottom both side. Company also says that the camera lenses used in this phone are certified by Zeiss and comes with branding at the back.

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