NASA JPL Hacker Used a Raspberry Pi to Steal Data

A hacker used a tiny Raspberry Pi computer to infiltrate NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory network, stealing sensitive data and aforcing the temporary disconnection of space flight system, the agency has revealed.

A Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized device sold for about $35 (roughly Rs. 2,400) that plugs into home televisions and is used mainly to teach coding to children and promote computing in developing countries.

“More importantly, the attacker successfully accessed two of the three primary JPL networks,” the report said.

“Officials were concerned the cyber-attackers could move laterally from the gateway into their mission systems, potentially gaining access and initiating malicious signals to human space flight missions that use those systems.”

NASA came to question the integrity of its Deep Space Network data “and temporarily disconnected several space flight-related systems from the JPL network.”