Wikipedia Website On Google Nexus 5

Wikipedia is a huge website that thousands of users use every day to view information. However, keeping web pages updated with the latest facts is no easy feat, as people contribute to this task during their free time. With millions of web pages in need of continuous updates, it can be difficult to post updated information immediately. Researchers at MIT have now developed a new text generating system, which can be employed to automatically update factual anomalies in Wikipedia articles. This new system is being presented in a research paper at the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. It has been described as a text-producing system capable of finding and replacing specific information in relevant Wikipedia sentences, similar to how humans write and edit.

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The new system will explicitly provide contributors with an interface where they can type unstructured sentences with updated information. One does not need to worry about grammar or style because the system will take care of it. Once the relevant information is entered, the system is asked via Wikipedia to point to the corresponding page, and to replace the old sentence, and rewrite it just like a human. The MIT News article stated, “In the future, researchers say there is the ability to create a fully automated system that identifies and uses the latest information from the web to create rewritten sentences in Wikipedia articles.” , Which reflects the updated information. ”

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Currently, bots are used for text-generating applications on Wikipedia. However, they are said to employ vandalism or to leave some narrowly defined information in predefined templates. The new system works by taking a “claim” sentence, which is basically newly entered information and is compared to “old” information. The new claim will basically be conflicting information and the system will automatically remove and place specific words in the old words while preserving grammar and style based on the new information.

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