Millions of Internet users are using ‘123456’ as Password

millions of users are using 123456 as internet password

Millions of internet users are using a simple passwords on their sensitive accounts, with ‘123456’ being the most widely-used on breached accounts, suggests a security study.

The BBC reported on Sunday, that the study by the UK’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) helped to uncover the gaps in cyber-knowledge that could leave people in danger of being exploited.

The NCSC analysed the public database of breached accounts to see which words, phrase and strings people used. Top the list was ‘123456’, used as a password, and appeared in more than 23 million passwords. the second most popular string was ‘123456789’, also ‘querty’,’password’ and ‘1111111’ are the most popular string used as the password.

The most common name to be used in the password as ‘Ashley’, followed by ‘Michael’,’Daniel’,’Charlie’. When it comes to Premier League football teams in passwords, ‘Liverpool’ came first and ‘Chelsea’ second. ‘Blink-182’ topped the charts of music acts.

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Security expert Troy Hunt, who maintains a database of hacked account data, said picking a good password was the “single biggest control” people had over their online security. “We typically haven’t done a very good job of that either as individuals or as the organisations asking us to register with them.”