Microsoft Rolls Out Azure Synapse Cloud Tool for Analysing Business Data

Microsoft on Monday announced a new service aimed at helping large businesses use large amounts of data stored in corporate systems.

The Azure Synapse system, which has been unveiled at an event in Florida, is part of the company’s rapidly growing cloud computing unit, which has outpaced the company’s shares over the past five years. The tool is meant to help companies build systems that analyze large amounts of data to make better business decisions, such as whether a digital marketing campaign is driving more traffic to stores and websites.

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Synapse aims to solve two problems for building those systems, Azure Data’s corporate vice president Rohan Kumar told Reuters in an interview.

The first is that businesses need different software tools to analyze the data held in systems such as customer databases – where names and addresses sit in neat rows and columns and look like a spreadsheet – versus new Systems such as website monitoring tools, where clicks are recorded over a long period of time. Number and time stamps section. The Synapse tool is designed to handle both types of data, he said.

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Second, the Synapse system automatically handles certain tasks to build a system for analyzing data, reducing the amount of work required from computer programmers. Microsoft Bank and Unilever are among the customers testing the system, Microsoft said.

“What we are seeing with our clients is that these projects will typically take several months,” Kumar said.

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