Microsoft Reveals, Minecraft has now 112 Million Monthly Active Players

The popularity of the video game Minecraft is increasing, with Microsoft announcing that more than 112 million people play it in a month. This is an increase of 20 million over the reported figures in October 2018.

Minecraft was acquired by tech giant Microsoft in 2014 for $ 2.5 billion (about Rs 17,900 crore).

Noting that the game is available on almost all platforms, it’s no surprise that the number of players keeps growing, with Windows Central citing an interview with Minecraft Studio head Helen Chiang by Business Insider on Saturday.

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Often avoided as virtual lego, the game is about fitting pieces together to create something amazing. The game is essentially a blank canvas and provides endless building blocks.

But users’ ability to create support and content after launch, even campaigns, are believed to be the reasons behind its success. The report said that it is expected that this title will continue to grow and reach further heights.

Last month, Microsoft said it would use chipmaker Nvidia’s real-time ray tracing technology, which would give Minecraft players more realistic graphics on personal computers. Real-time ray tracing, or the ability of a chip, helps video games and other computer graphics view shadows and reflections more closely in the real world to see how rays of light will move in a visual field.

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Other games that have the same graphic technology are Activision Blizzard’s “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”, Ubisoft Toronto’s “Watch Dogs: Legion” and Tencent NExT Studios’ “Synced: Off Planet”, NVID’s previous Where was the month.

Minecraft, a construction game in which players can imagine almost anything, blocks by block, has spread like wildfire since its full release in 2011 by developer Mojang, in a digital, Lego-like world, which Was purchased by Microsoft in 2014.

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