Microsoft Outlook For Android Gets POP3 Protocol Compatibility with New Update

Microsoft Outlook has received an update on Android, and this update brings support for the old-fashioned POP3 protocol. This protocol dates from 1988, and modern email clients these days remain connected to the IMAP protocol or Exchange. The POP3 protocol saves messages on the device, and removes them from the server. It does not let you mail across multiple devices, meaning that if messages are downloaded to your computer, they will not show up on your mobile phone – and vice versa.

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In any event, Microsoft should think that adding POP3 support is necessary, and that is why the latest update brings protocol support. This can prove useful for users who are crazy about their data being saved on the cloud. This update makes the Microsoft Outlook app bang for version 4.0.7, and the size of the update should vary with size.

As mentioned, most current email platforms rely on Exchange or IMAP to save content on the server. This enables them to sync emails and messages across all devices the user logs on. Users often check email on their smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices, and these protocols allow them to be up-to-date on their communications.

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On the other hand, the POP3 protocol downloads messages to the device and removes them from the server. But of course, Outlook has added POP3 compatibility, as some functions may not work with IMAP. In any event, extensive compatibility on any app is always welcome. We still recommend users not to switch to POP3 (unless you absolutely want to!), And stick to the Exchange or IMAP protocol for their email configuration.

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