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Robots are being built for all kinds of reasons. As present time a lot number companies are working in AI technology and they are giving all their effort to make AI better. But What if some how researcher will find out the way to give feelings to robots, this can be a great achievement for them, but is giving robots feeling a good idea or a bad one.
Will they follow our commands if they have own feeling.

artificial emotion in robots
Credit: SoftBank Robotics

Giving feelings to robots means they can understand emotions, and even feel their existence in the world, they can feel for themselves they can think for themselves. We are so far to develop a robot full with human emotions, But
if we see our current progress than it’s not that much difficult how it could be possible.

After all so many from us are forming an emotional connection with Alexa and SIri like AI. but the capabilities of these device are currently limited to simple interaction like asking weather report, switching lights on or off.

But if we think about a robot with feeling than how deeper it could that emotional connection with a robot
that not only looks like a human but can feel like a real human.

Programming AI and robots with human like feeling and emotions is a key area of robotics research and development. According to softbanks robotics and Hanson Robotics, they already has created  that can read and react to people’s emotions.

asus zenbo ai robot
credit : asus

Complicated mess of feeling:

So many Philosophers, psychologists and neuro-scientist are interested in what emotions are  and why these are so important to us. Cognitive appraisal theory suggests that emotions are judgement about whether what’s happening in our lives meets our expectations.

Let’s take an example of happiness and sadness, Happiness is If you score highest marks in your class and safnesss is
if you got the minimum marks in class or failed in class.

Other theory is based more on what’s going on in your body, the changes happened in daily basis , monthly basis and yearly basis, or others like your heart rate, breathing or so many other thing that happened in our body. But if we talk about Feelings or emotions that this could be like a function that we react after someone’s behavior. So it makes sense that for robots to become a better assistants, teaching aids and companions they need to at least have a understanding of emotions and possibly their own emotion and feeling.

Is it possible to teach emotions to robots?

if this is possible to tech robots about emotions than the big question is How? Programming can be the way to tech them by making a program that can define emotions to robots.


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