LG New Patent Showcases Double Folding Design Smartphone

If you are waiting for a foldable phone from LG, then there is good news for you. A patent has leaked online showcasing that could be a foldable phone from LG. The special feature of LG foldable phone is that it has two folds. The leaks get etiquette. Go digital and show that the device can be twisted twice. The device will also come with a stylus.

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When the device is exposed, that is, in its tablet form, it has a 16:10 aspect ratio. The patent shows that the device has thin bezels on three sides. The fourth side has a wide bezel with triple camera setup. For the stylus, one in two has a place to store it. When the device is folded, the smartphone has an aspect ratio in line with modern smartphones. Look forward to what the device looks like in the real world.

Samsung is the only one to have launched its foldable smartphone in the market and after a rocky initial launch, the foldable device is now relaunching. Huawei’s Mate X foldable smartphones are going on sale in September, but there is no information about the official launch of the device. Google is also said to work on foldable devices, but we should not expect a launch soon.

lg double foldable smartphone

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On the other hand, Xiaomi is the only other smartphone manufacturer operating on a foldable device, which folds twice as much as LG.

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How foldable smartphones work in real-world scenarios is something that we have to wait and see. Historically, we have seen that it is not the first proponent advantage that works but the rotor, the device that caters to the use cases. Dell was the first device manufacturer to launch a phablet in the form of Streak, but it was the Samsung Galaxy Note that solidified the concept of a big screen phone and the rest, as they say, is history. We will have to wait and see how the foldable phone will work in everyday scenario.

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