Larry Page, The Founder of Google

Larry page, full name Lawrence Edward Page is an American Computer scientist and entrepreneur, Who was co-founded the search Giant Google, with Stanford mate Sergey Brin.

Larry Page
Larry Page, The Founder of Google.

Larry Page was born in Michigan, US on March 26, 1973. His father Carl Victor Page was a professor at Michigan State University and taught Computer Science. Lerry Page got his degree in Computer Engineering from University of Michigan in the Year 1995. Later, he enrolled in a doctorate program at Stanford.

At Stanford, he met with Sergey Brin and worked upon a new search engine technology that leveraged Web user’s own ranking abilities by tracking the number of pages linked to each site. They both raised about $1 million for their search engine with the help from investors and people they knew.

The search engine was christened ‘Google’ – a misspelling of the mathematical term ‘GOOGOL’. Which is 1 raised to the power 100. They founded Google Inc in September 1998, with Page as its CEO. Google got $25 million of venture capital funding the following year only.

Eric Schmidt, a technology executive in the company, replaced Larry Page as CEO of the company in 2001 and Larry Page got the role of president of products.

Again Page resumed his role as CEO of Google in 2011, after the restructuring of the company in 2015 as a subsidiary if Alphabet Inc, Larry page became CEO of Alphabet Inc.

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