Kolkata police plans to use camera with AI to detect crime

According to a top official here on Saturday, Kolkata Police is expanding the footprint of closed-circuit cameras and plans to install more high-tech devices with artificial intelligence (AI) to make crime detection easier. Commissioner of Police Anuj Sharma said that the city police have installed 3,000 closed circuit cameras. The announcement comes amid a global backlash for police officers using cameras with AI technology.

Here is how Kolkata Police plans to find crime
In the US, the police authority has been criticized for using ring cameras to monitor activities. “We are expanding it. Recently, you have seen examples of crime detection by analyzing CCTV footage, ”he said, referring to the recent sexual harassment case in Panchshire, South Kolkata. Sharma said the police are planning to install more high-tech cameras with artificial intelligence and facial recognition facilities. “If I have data, I also have data with cameras like this, they match,” he said.

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The Commissioner of Police said, “With the installation of such cameras, it will be easier to catch people involved in anti-social acts.” Artificial intelligence has emerged as the most used technology this year. While it is making its way to consumer devices as voice assistants and agents. The real impact is in the field of facial recognition. There have already been large-scale deployments of cameras and sensors to identify citizens’ faces in markets such as China.

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Doorbell-camera firm Ring has partnered with 400 police forces for a video-sharing partnership. The partnership, according to The Washington Post, would allow police forces possible access to home camera footage. It is widely seen as the next level of surveillance and the deployment of AI and facial recognition can result in a similar result with the Kolkata Police Force. However, for now, the police force is only interested in expanding the footprint of CCTV cameras.

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