Reliance Jio sets new record in India

According to a report from London based mobile analytics company OpenSingal, There is no other operator in the world, who scored better at a country level than Reliance Jio in India, in terms of 4G networks availability.

Reliance Jio’s score grew up by one percentage point to reach 97.5% from 96.7, said Mobile Network Experience report.

“Jio’s winning 4G availability score of 97.5 percent is the highest we have ever recorded at a country level in any of our reports,” it said. “Jio’s achievement of reaching 97.5 percent 4G availability in such a short time is truly astonishing,” the report added.

OpenSignal said, In US telecom market, only two operator have scored over 90%, while in Taiwan four telecom operator are over this mark, but no one scored above 95%. According to study, Bharti Airtal has scored 85% 4G availability.

If we talk about 4G upload speed, Idea lead with score of 3.8Mb, ahead of Vodafone’s 3.2Mbps and Airtel’s 2.6Mbps, Whether Jio was behind with a score of 1.9Mbps, According to reports.

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