iPhone in 2019

iPhone in 2019

3D Touch might vanish from all iPhone in 2019

2019 iPhone Models Could Be Controlled Without Touch


Apple already brought 3D sensing-powered facial recognition to the smartphone world by introducing the TrueDepth Camera system on the iPhone X. The 2019 iPhone models are speculated to come with a triple camera setup to start enabling AR features.

As per a report by ETNews, citing industry sources, Apple is set to introduce multi-hovering on the 2019 iPhone models. The experience is said to help the advanced hardware to recognise three or more fingers from a distance of 50mm. It is also reported that Apple is exploring ways to enable users to use gestures such as pinch-to-zoom even when the display of the iPhone and the finger are apart.

The 2019 iPhone models are expected to include a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor to help future iPhone models draw 3D structures and overlay information on top of real-world scenes.

It means apple is thinking big to implement the Artificial intelligence in their smartphone that will make an iPhone device like a AI bot, Also what if they launch a smartphone with curve that can be fold-able in any directions, also you can fold the display of smartphone. This is  amazing if we get this kind of technology.

What do you think, will iPhone launch their new device with these all new features.

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