iPhone Contacts App Vulnerable to SQLite Hack Attack

iPhone Contacts App Vulnerable to SQLite Hack Attack

Apple has never avoided bragging about how secure its frameworks are, yet specialists have discovered that contacts saved money on iPhones are defenseless against a SQLite hack assault which could taint the gadgets with malware.

SQLite – the most boundless database motor on the planet – is accessible in each working framework (OS), work area and cell phone. Windows 10, macOS, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Android are well known clients of SQLite.

Security firm Check Point has exhibited a system being utilized to control Apple’s iOS Contacts application. Looking through the Contacts application under these conditions triggers the gadget to run malevolent codes, Apple Insider wrote about Saturday.

The defenselessness has been distinguished in the business standard SQLite database.

Archived in a 4,000-word report, the organization’s hack included supplanting one piece of Apple’s Contacts application and keeping in mind that applications and any executable code needs to experience Apple’s startup checks, a SQLite database isn’t executable.

“Ingenuity (keeping the code on the gadget after a restart) is difficult to accomplish on iOS as every single executable document must be marked as a feature of Apple’s Secure Boot. Fortunately for us, SQLite databases are not marked,” the report cited the Check Point specialists as saying.

Starting at now, Apple has not remarked on Check Point’s report.