iOS 13 Brings Real-Time Lyrics Feature to Apple Music

Apple’s latest flagship mobile operating system version, iOS 13, was released on Thursday for compatible iPhone and iPod Touch models. IOS 13 comes with a larger set of new features, promising a faster and more efficient user experience. iOS 13 brings a system-wide dark mode, a performance boost, a new reminder app experience and more. One of these new features is the support of real-time lyrics on Apple Music.

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The Apple Music app now offers a dark mode as well as lyrics that are displayed in real time. There is a new speech bubble icon that users can tap to display the lyrics of the currently playing song. The lyrics take over the entire performance, the song, perfect for following the karaoke-style.

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The feature is song dependent, although not all the lyrics contain song information. While songs are displayed on the phone, Apple Music will highlight the line currently playing in white. Users can scroll down and tap a specific word in the song to leave the song in a specific position.

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