internet explorer has security flaw

A security researcher claims that, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer with a reputation for poor security for years thanks in no small part to its obsolete nature, now makes PCs vulnerable even if it is just installed in them.

According to a researcher John Page, an unpatched exploit in the IE browser’s handling of MHT files can be used by hackers to both spy on Windows users and steal their local data.

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“As Windows opens MHT files using IE by default, you don’t even have to run the browser for this to be a problem — all you have to do is open an attachment sent through chat or email,” Engadget reported on Sunday.

“This wouldn’t be an issue if it weren’t for the disclosure of the flaw. Page posted details of the exploit after Microsoft reportedly declined to roll out an urgent security fix,” the report added.

“It said instead a fix would be ‘considered’ in a future release. While that does suggest a patch is on the way, it leaves millions of users potentially vulnerable unless they either turn off Internet Explorer or point to another app that can open MHT files,” the report added.

Source: Gadget360

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