Intel Partners with MediaTek to Bring 5G Support to Laptops

In a bid to bring its new 5G modem to PC, MediaTek is partnering with Intel, the Taiwanese chipmaker said on Monday. Dell and HP are expected to be among the first original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to deliver laptops powered by Intel and MediaTek’s 5G solution. MediaTek said the first rollout of the device is expected in early 2021.

Through this partnership, Intel is working with MediaTek on 5G solutions for deployment in key consumer and commercial laptop segments.

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MediaTek is developing 5G modems and is working with partners to build solutions.

“Our 5G modem for PC has been developed in partnership with Intel, which is integral to making 5G accessible and available on home and mobile platforms,” ​​said Joe Chen, president of MediaTek.

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“With this partnership, consumers will be able to browse, stream and game faster on their PCs, but we also expect them to innovate in a new way with 5G, which we have not yet imagined.”

MediaTek’s new 5G modem for PC is based on its Helio M70 5G modem which it introduced earlier this year as part of its integrated 5G system-on-chip for the first wave of 5G flagship smartphones.

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“5G is poised to achieve a new level of computing and connectivity, which will change the way we interact with the world,” said Gregory Bryant, Intel’s executive vice president and general manager of Customer Computing Group.

“Intel’s partnership with MediaTek brings industry leaders together with in-depth engineering, system integration and connectivity expertise to deliver the 5G experience on the next generation of the world’s best PCs,” Bryant said.

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