Intel announces 8th Gen Core family U&Y series chip-sets

Intel’s U&Y Series to 8th Generation Core Family

Intel launched 8th gen U&Y series

The new Intel Core U-series Whiskey-Lake chips include the Core i7-8565U, Core i5-8265U and Core i3-8145U,  which offers support for Gigabit WiFi and Alexa + Cortana voice assistants. Intel officially unveiled additions to its 8th Gen Core family with the new U-series and Y-series processor

U-series chips is the quad-core Intel Core i7-8565U that can clock up to 4.6GHz on TurboBoost from a base speed of 1.8GHz. The cheaper quad-core i5-8265U and dual-core i3-8145U can both achieve a peak speed of 3.9GHz.

Intel Core U-series, Y-series

Intel Y-series Amber-Lake processors which include the dual-core Core m3-8100Y, a Core i5-8200Y and a Core i7-8500Y.

Chris Walker said “The new 8th Gen Intel Core processors extend once again our leadership in delivering exceptional performance. Now with Gigabit Wi-Fi, we’ve enabled faster PC connectivity, added more intuitive voice experiences and enabled longer battery life needed for the next wave of mobile computing”.

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