How to install whatsapp in JioPhone 1500

How to install whatsapp in Jiophone 1500

Jio Phone 1500, literally smashed market as there was no 4G volte feature phone launched in India before for a price tag of just 1500 Rs.

Jio has not officially launched any whatsapp version or support to whatsapp in this phone, So there is no way to use whatsapp on your jiophone.

But the info from so many websites, you can use whatsapp web on your smartphone.

Here are the steps to use whatsapp on your JioPhone 1500

Switch off and after getting it on,

Open a link

Now open that phone where you are already using whatsapp.

you can see there a whatsapp web option from where you can scan the QR code that you can see on your JioPhone

use whatsapp in jio 1500 phone

Note : You can use whatsapp till you are logged in on you Jiophone.

The information is internet based we can not say that this will 100%  work for you.

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