Instagram wants to be a shopping platform

Facebook-owned Instagram announced today that Stories is now used by 500 million users daily. Snapchat clones are now seen as an important avenue for Instagram’s ambition to become a shopping platform. Speaking to the media in Mumbai, Shah, VP of Products on Instagram, said that the three key elements of the photo sharing platform are Explore, Stories and Shopping. Instagram was founded as a photo-sharing service in 2010 by Mike Kryger and Kevin Systrom. The service grew to nine this month and is widely seen as a beacon in Facebook’s family of applications.

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Like every other company, India also makes an important market for Instagram. It is competing against Snapchat, which has caught up big time with its revised application and an array of attractive filters. While Snapchat dominates a filter heavy messaging service, Instagram wants to create a space to connect with friends and shop at the same time. Shah said that Instagram’s mission is to “bring users closer to the people and the things they love.” Since its acquisition by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has evolved into more than a photo-sharing service.

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Shopping is the next big thing for Instagram
This future is where the service wants to be a one stop shop for you, yes, shopping. “I’m excited about shopping, but not because it’s good for the Instagram ecosystem. I’m excited about it because people are excited about shopping,” Vishal Shah told reporters here. When it comes to shopping Hai, Shah says that Instagram wants to solve the problem of window shopping. Currently shopping on Instagram works in three ways: Shop In Ting tags, shopping advertisements, and app purchases. Although shopping tags and shopping ads are prominent, direct purchases are still being tested.

The current experience is clearly around searching for the product and then buying it from the merchant’s website. However, Instagram wants to be a place where people search for products and buy them directly. “The idea is that when you are excited to buy something, we should make it easy for you. Because right now, it is about going to the mobile website in your credential or credit card or your debit card. And it’s a very difficult process, especially doing it over and over again, “Shah explains.” So there’s a clear consumer benefit. “We also want to make sure people can shop on Instagram. If they have There is a bad experience with a brand ruining their experience for everything.

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To make shopping more inclusive, Instagram wants to allow advertisers to bring their shopping product to more people. In a way Instagram thinks shopping using augmented reality can be more personal. The company is already testing ways to try to create a product using augmented reality. Where one can now choose a shade of lipstick on Instagram, Shah feels that an option to try in real time would give it a visual edge. The feature is still in its early stages of testing and uses front cameras. But Shah says that his company is considering using the rear camera as well. On modern smartphones, users can already take advantage of 3D depth cameras to play games. Instagram can tap into that sensor to enable a 3D try-on experience. Shah is not a fan of Instagram’s own payment system, but did not rule out this possibility.

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