Instagram Reportedly Testing a Feature that suggests Who You Should UnFollow

There are times when you take people away from kindness, but do not interact with you. For example, there are times when you share your handle with people you’ve recently met, just to avoid the exchange of numbers. You don’t interact much with these people. Now, Instagram is reportedly testing a feature that may help you unfollow some of them. According to app researcher Jen Manchun Wong, Instagram is experimenting with a feature so you can manage group accounts and them easily

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Wong took to Twitter to reveal that the social media app would feature “least interacted” and “featured in the most feeds” accounts. These automatic groups will be counted over 90 days. You can then go through accounts you don’t interact with and unfollow them to get them off your list. In addition, this feature will help you separate accounts based on interests such as fashion, sports, design, and memes. You may find this feature similar to Twitter lists.

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