Instagram Like Counts Will Disappear for Some Users in the US

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said on Friday that a test of hiding “likes” would spread in the US if image and photo were shared on social networks. Facebook confirmed in September that it was not publicly displaying how many “Like” posts have been prepared.

Mosseri said in a tweet, “Heads up! We are taking a personal liking on Instagram in many countries this year.”

“We’re expanding those tests to include a smaller portion of people in the US next week.”

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Such a change can reduce the pressure to win approval with images, videos or comments and instead, get people to focus only on posts.

Twitter has also said that many of the tweets were taken at times with tweets hiding them, which were “liked” or “retweeted”, according to product lead Kewan Beypore.

Twitter found that people showed less preoccupation with tweets when they could not see the count.

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“When you remove the engagement indicator, people become less engaged,” Bickpore said during a conversation with reporters at the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco earlier this year.

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