instagram co-watching feature

The social media platform Instagram has shared details about a new feature for its users. This new feature comes with new other changes that Instagram has announced as its plan to deal with coronaviruses. These other changes include a message to visit the World Health Organization (WHO) website for accurate data against coronavirus epidemics.

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Whenever anyone tries to find the word “coronavirus” on the app, the company has also added a notice. This notice includes a link to the WHO website as well as the top two links on WHO and UNICEF’s Instagram.

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Co-watching feature

The company shared details about this feature on its official blog with other COVID-19 related measures. As part of this feature, the company is terming it as a way to share media. Here, the user can browse through Instagram posts on video calls with their friends. The app will allow users to select posts they have saved or liked on the platform.

One can access these options by tapping on the photo icon on the left corner during a video call. Once the user shares the posts of their choice, all video-call participants can check these posts at the same time.

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