shakti india's first microprocessor


IIT Madras researchers have developed India’s first microprocessor and named it ‘SHAKTI’, it can be used in mobile computing and other devices.

According to IIT Madras, the SHAKTI microprocessor can be used in low-power wireless systems. The Shakti family of processors was fabricated at Semi-Conductor Laboratory (SCL), Indian Space Research Organizations (ISRO) in Chandigarh, making it the first ‘RISC V Microprocessor’ to be completely designed and made in India, IITM said.

“With the advent of Digital India, there are several applications that require customizable processor cores. The 180nm fabrication facility at SCL Chandigarh is crucial in getting these cores manufacturers within our Country,” said Prof. Kamakoti Veezhinathan, Lead Researcher, Reconfigurable Intelligent Systems Engineering (RISE) Laboratory, Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IITM.

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