Inbox By Gmail Is Now Officially Dead

Google had closed the Inbox by Gmail earlier this month, but the workarounds fans to continue using the app. Those users who couldn’t give up on the app downloaded older App version, and surprisingly continued to work fine.
But now the users are reporting that the fresh installs of these older Apk is no longer working and showing a error notification every time they are trying to sign-in using their Google accounts.

It means that the older version of Inbox, also lose support soon, and users will not be able to us Inbox by Gmail.

First this change of behavior of old Apks spotted by AndroidPolice. While tried to install older version of Inbox by Gmail, it saw a error notification when tried to sign-in process. The report states that Inbox by Gmail Apk v1.77 was updated and that they could not get an older APK to function.

Those users who are on older version of Inbox by Gmail, and switched off auto-updates, may still have access to the App. On April 2. Google has officially announced the closer of older version Inbox by Gmail older, as well as the iOS app, remain unaffected. But the iOS app has now stopped working, days after shutdown.