iit madras new startup for AI learning

On Friday, The IIT Madras launched a start-up to prepare the workforce for the advent of AI age by training students at low costs. The Startup named “PadhAI” – offers an affordable hands-on-course on DEEP-LEARNING. This program is open for all students, faculty and professionals with having the background in Mathematics and python.

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The fee for the students and faculties is 1,000 inr and for professionals it’s around 5,000 inr. The startup will also create some AI-driven apps by collaborating with SME and industry and generate value for the Indian economy.

“The Indian IT industry has gone through several waves of technology and survived by upskilling. The current wave of AI is very different. It requires both mathematical insight and hands-on experience,” Mitesh Khapra, Assistant Professor at IIT-Madras, said in a statement.

“We need courses that strike the right balance between these two. Only then will India be able to produce visible products and services in the AI age,” he added. Registrations are open til January 24 which is four month course comprises 80 hours of lecture content and the course will begin from 1st February.