Huawei will now use Harmony OS in its phones, till needed

Huawei will now use Harmony OS in its phones, till needed

Huawei recently revealed its own mobile operating system, called Harmony OS. The company’s senior vice president, Vincent Yang, said the company wanted to maintain a single ecosystem with Google’s Android platform for its smartphones and reported CNET at an event in New York.

He also said that Harmony is the company’s option B, if the US gives an option to impose a restriction that would prevent Huawei from accessing key parts of Android.

At the event, Yang also hinted at an upcoming flagship smartphone, believed to be the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, saying that it will run Android. However, if the ban is imposed, the company will switch to Harmony OS, but it won’t be until the last minute that it will be certain that they cannot use Android at all.

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He said that it is very unlikely that the company will launch a phone running on Harmony OS. This may be because until now, Harmony OS has virtually no application support. An analyst at Avi Greengart’s Techsponential has also said that the company cannot sell a Harmony OS-powered phone in the Western market because it would lack Google’s services, which would serve as a deal-breaker for any consumer .

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