HTC plans its comeback with the help of new 4G and 5G devices

A few days after posting a 67 percent revenue growth, Taiwanese handset maker HTC is making a comeback. According to a new report, HTC plans to launch new 4G smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2019. Apart from the usual 4G devices, the company will also launch 5G devices in 2020. HTC will continue to consolidate its deployment in the Taiwanese handset market with a more prudent strategy. The company hopes to compete with its rival brands with the launch of these new devices. HTC Taiwan President Darren Chen said that the competition is launching new models at a rapid pace.

HTC Smartphone Strategy Description
The once iconic smartphone player is also working to integrate its virtual reality (VR) solution with handsets and 5G networks. According to a report by Digitimes, the company will launch such new smartphones to differentiate its lineup from the competition. According to Chen, HTC will also strengthen its collaboration with telecom operators to promote its Viveport VR content platform. HTC revealed that it generated revenue of $ 23.5 million in August, a significant increase compared to July.

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Even though everything seems positive for HTC, overall revenue is still down 47.1 percent. As stated in previous reports, this information came more than a year after the company decided to leave India. It is worth noting that the company returned to the Indian market last month with the launch of its latest HTC Wildfire X. HTC’s latest smartphone features Ino Smart Technology and is aimed at the budget segment. The interesting thing here is that the smartphone also has a triple rear camera.

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