Amazon provide a paid membership to their customers with a lot benefits at a fixed price. These benefits includes free shipping with no minimum order value, early access of any product, deals and offers, free access to prime videos, prime musics and a lot more. If you mostly use Amazon for shopping than Amazon prime membership is beneficial for you.

Benefits of Amazon Prime membership

If you don’t use Amazon for shopping or buy few numbers of product in a month than the prime membership is not suitable for you. But if you shop a lot number of products and use other services from amazon in a month than it Amazon prime membership could be beneficial for you. Because Prime members get free priority shipping with no minimum order value. Prime members can also get discount on various products and morning deliveries available at select locations right now. Amazon prime member also get unlimited free access of other services like prime video and prime music in India.

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What Amazon prime membership cost?

Amazon prime membership cost you around 999 inr in India annually, there is also a monthly plan available at the price of 129 inr.

How to signup for Amazon prime membership?

Step 1) Visit the Amazon prime membership page.
Step 2) Click on Join Prime button
Step 3) Here it will ask you to login with your Amazon account, if you don’t have amazon account, their is also another button t create a new account.

Step 4) In next page after sign in you can choose yearly payment option or the monthly plan
Step 5) Once you select the right plan for you, you”l be asked to make a payment.
Step 6) After successful payment you can now take benefits of prime membership.