How to Share Mac Screen with iPhone devices

The screen sharing feature also has other applications, such as whether you want to give a presentation to your colleague at home or just share some photos or videos.

So if you are facing any such issue and are thinking about making a move with your friends and family, then follow our step by step guide.


Make sure both MacBooks are signed using Apple ID
Work internet connectivity

Share screen from mac to mac
Step 1: Press ‘CMD + Space Bar’ and find screen sharing facility

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Step 2: Now, click on the screen sharing option

Step 3: Enter computer name or apple id

Step 4: Click OK

Step 5: Now, another person will receive a new notification asking for permission to share the screen

Step 6. Ask the person to accept the request and the screen will be shared.

Share screen from Mac to iPad or iPhone
As built-in screen sharing feature in iOS does not support connection to Mac, and this feature will be added in upcoming updates. But for now, this can be done using any third-party remote desktop app, Chrome Remote Desktop, etc.

Step 1: Type ‘’.

Step 2: Under ‘Set up remote access’, click download

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download and add to Chrome

Step 4: Now, go to your smartphone and download the Chrome Remote desktop app from the App Store

Step 5: Open the app and see a Mac device

Step 6: Tap on device to connect

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