Few times ago, it was bit tricky to share data between Android smartphone and Windows, or vice versa, or you needed a usb cable to share the data. It was a time consuming process of data transfer, now here are some alternative ways that can be used to transfer the data from android to windows OS, by pairing both device using Bluetooth and WiFi. Here are some cool apps that can help you to data transfer between Smartphone and windows pc without using any USB.

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Feem V4 App

This app will allow you to transfer data like files, photos, videos, audio files and apps for free. It needed to be downloaded and installed on both devices and to be connected on the same WiFi network. The company claims that the data transfer service of this app is 50 times faster than Bluetooth.

AirDroid APP

Here is an another app like Feem V4, it will also needed to be installed on both devices and will help to share data using WiFi. It’s also has an another feature like remote camera mode, which will allow you to view your phones’s camera remotely.