Resetting the email’s password is really good to secure your account from hackers. It’s easy to reset your account’s password. Your Gmail account could be compromised if it uses the same password as any of your other online accounts.

Here How to reset your Gmail Account password:

Your Gmail password is same as your Google Account password so to reset it, just click your account icon at the top right side corner, and now click the ‘Google Account button.

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Now a new tab will appear in the front of you, in which Select ‘Personal Info’ from the shown list at the left.

Now to reset gmail password, click ‘Password’ and enter your current password to identify yourself.

After verification, now create a new password and enter it two times. Make sure the password should be at least eight characters.

reset gmail password

Now click on ‘Change password’ button, and here you go, your password is now changed.