Most of user’s complaining that their device getting heated up in common cases such charging the phone, paying games, streaming videos etc. Here are few ways to prevent your smartphone form overheating:

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  • Never use your smartphone while charging

While charging your smartphone, it emits heat so keep your smartphone in surface.

  • Remove the cover of smartphone

The back case cover traps the generated heat and increase the temperature of smartphone, so if you working in your smartphone avoid using back case and keep your smartphone cool.

  • Do not leave your smartphone for charging overnight

If you leaves your smartphone for charging overnight than this might be the reason of smartphone overheating and also it’s affect the battery life.

  • Remove unused apps

If your smartphone is full with unused apps or you don’t use those apps, than you have to uninstall them, because they always runs in background and exhaust the processing abilities of the smartphone.

  • Use original charger to charge the smartphone

Make sure you are not using any third-party or duplicate charger to charge your smartphone, because they directly impacts the battery and overheats the smartphone.