how to hide whatsapp status from others?

It’s a Snapchat’s story like feature in Whatsapp that allow Whatsapp users to post 30 seconds video, photo and text, that will appear for next 24 hours and after that it will get disappeared.

It was launched in 2017, according to figures this status features has 450 daily active users now a days. But sometimes we don’t wanted to share our story with a particular person, than you can hide your story from those selected contacts.

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Here how to hide whatsapp story from selected contacts:

  • First open Whatsapp.
  • Now GoTo setting.
  • Tap on Account option.
  • Now Go to privacy.
  • Now select Status option.
  • Here Whatsapp ask you that who can see your story/status updates.
  • Here your stories updates can be seen by all your contacts if you choose ‘My Contacts’.
  • Here is another option ‘My contacts except..’, by tapping on this option Whatsapp will ask you those contact in which you don’t want to share you stories updates.
  • Also here is one more option ‘Only share with’, This option will allow you to share your story updates with only selected contacts.