How To Enable Pop-Up Blocker On Google Chrome?

How To Enable Pop-Up Blocker On Google Chrome

The Chrome web browser provides users with many controls and data security and looking back, we can understand a lot of changes that have occurred over time and how much it has improved. It has a blocking feature but is hidden.

How to enable pop up Blocker on Google Chrome?

Step 1: Open Google Chrome Browser. Paste the URL – chrome://settings/content/popups and press Enter.

Step 2: The URL redirects the pop-up page. The toggle should be turned off.

Step 3: Blocked (Recommended) will be shown. To block individual websites from showing the pop-ups, click on Add Button.

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Step 4: It will add the sites. You can see the sites showing pop up. Click on the options to block the pop-ups.

Step 5: Click on the icon showing Pop Up. Select Continue Blocking and then you are done with blocking. In this way, you can enable Google Chrome Pop Up.

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This is mainly for Windows 10. Even after blocking, a pop-up appears on any site, you will need to check the extension. You should find and remove these extensions from the Chrome browser. Some malicious extensions create pop-ups and you have to search and remove the extension from the browser. These steps are included to allow the Google Chrome pop-up blocker.

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