Due to a serious security bug, Google decided to shutdown Google+ soon and this process with starting from Feb 4, 2019. When the process will get started, if your account is gone, all your posts on Google+ will go with it, along with all photos and videos. Here is the way to download all your data and files by a straight forward process.

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Step 1) Visit Google Takeout and toggle the select none switch, now scroll down t to the Google+ option and select the ones you want to download.

Step 2) Now click on Next button.

Step 3) Choose the format you want to save your data.

Step 4) Now choose how you want to receive your data like on your email address, Google drive, OnePlus or Dropbox.

Mind on your selection, you will receive the link to download your data on your selected option. You will revieve the link to download your data in a week, after getting the link, you can download your Google+ data.

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