How To Download Instagram Videos

Downloading the videos from Instagram is really easy, but you need right tool for it. Facebook owned Instagram is much about living in the moment, and sharing it with family and friends. Users can take and share photos and videos with their followers.

If any wants to download the videos from Instagram, than Instagram makes it easy to find the bookmarks of videos uploaded in Instagram. For now there is no in-built option to download the videos on Instagram. So users need to search for a third party tool, that can help to download videos on Instagram.

Here How to Download Facebook Videos?

Here How to download Instagram video on Desktop:

There are a lot number of websites those can help you to download the Instagram video. Here DreDown is a easiest, sleekest and most reliable tool to download the Instagram videos.

To use this site to download videos, first you need to visit the Instagram and load up the video you want to download, and now copy the URL from the address bar of your web browser.

Now switch to DreDown page.

Now Click on the Instagram link at the top.

Now paste the Copied link into the text bot on the DreDown Page.

Now Hit the DreDown button, and wait….

Now Download the video.

Other website to download the Instagram videos are, DownloadGram, Download Instagram Videos and Gramblast.

Here How to Download Instagram Video in iOS

To download Instagram videos on iOS, use Blaze Browser & File Manager, and just copy the Link of Instagram post from the Instagram app and paste into Blaze.

Now you need to tap on download button and select the Export Video To Camera Roll option.

Here How to Download Instagram Videos on Android:

In Android, there are a lot options to download Instagram videos, including web-based service.  Here Video Downloader for Instagram, can help you to download Instagram videos.