The Social-media Giant Facebook, that boasts of millions of daily active accounts, seems just fine talking about uploading or exposing data of millions of users ‘accidentally’ now a days.

The Social-media Giant is Facing online data breach issues and facing excessive heat not only from government agencies but from general users for more than one year and it seems that there is no restriction on this. Here what we can do, we can remove our data, that has extracted from our handsets on Facebook servers.

So many people are not aware of Facebook uploading their smartphone contacts on their server and sometime, it includes our call logs and text history. So here are the steps to remove your uploaded contact form the Facebook:

  • First Open the URL
  • You may be asked to login, if you are not logged out from your system.
  • After entering the URL, you may find out three tabs there, Contacts, calls and Text history and invitations sent.
  • Now under these three tabs Click on the Delete All option
  • Once you clicked on the Delete All option, Facebook will ask you to confirm the action.
  • Now click on Delete option.

Here you done, Now Facebook will show you a message stating that “Your request to delete all uploaded contacts is being processed and you’ll be notified as soon as it’s complete. Depending on the size of your contact list, this may take a few minutes.”

Facebook says that it uses this data to recommend you more people to connect. “Facebook matches the name and contact information you upload with the name and contact information others have uploaded to provide a better service and make recommendations to you and others, such as helping you find people you may Know.”