how to zip and unzip any files

Compressing files and folders help to reduce the size of any files and folder and it’s easier to upload to the cloud storage or copy and move from one disk to another will get easy. Windows 7 or above version also having an in-built tool to zipping any files and folder, and there is no need to download and install any third party software to perform this action.

Here step by step process of Zipping files and folder:

  • You can zip your files and folders directly from windows explorer.
  • Open the File Explorer and navigate the file you want to zip up.
  • Now select the files and folder, you can select multiple files by holding ‘Ctrl‘ button and select more files.
  • Right-Click over the selected files and move cursor to ‘Send To’ option.
  • Now choose ‘Compressed(Zipped) folder’
  • By clicking on ‘Compressed (zipped) folder’ A zipped folder will get appeared within the same directory that you’re currently in.
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How to unzip a file in Windows?

  • Windows in-built zipping tools is able to perform both zipping and un-zipping action.
  • You only need to right click on zipped file.
  • Now select ‘Extract all’
  • Now you need to choose the location to extract the zipped files.
  • After choosing right location, click on Extract option, windows will now pull your folders our of the zipped files.

how to unzip any zipped file