How to Change Bluetooth Codecs and Improve Wireless Audio Quality on Your Android Phone for Free

when Bluetooth sound was still new, there was a huge distinction in sound quality between a couple of remote earphones and wired earphones. Those distinctions have since scaled down, as have the costs of good remote sound items. Today, it’s conceivable to purchase a respectable pair of Bluetooth earphones for not as much as Rs. 5,000, and get great sound execution straight out of the container.

In any case, there’s a little, fast, straightforward, and free stunt that can enable you to get somewhat increasingly out of your remote earphones and headphones when utilizing it with an Android cell phone — change the Bluetooth codec. Pursue the means underneath to discover how you can improve Bluetooth sound on your Android cell phone for nothing.

What is a Bluetooth codec?

Before we get into the means, we should clarify the idea of Bluetooth codecs in short. Bluetooth depends on a particular program or ‘code’ which packs information from the source gadget to rapidly and flawlessly transmit remotely, and after that decompresses the information on the headset or speaker. Distinctive codecs work in an unexpected way, with a portion of the more up to date and further developed codecs ready to move more information bundles productively.

The most generally utilized Bluetooth codec is SBC (Sub Band Codec), which is viewed as the all inclusive standard and is available on for all intents and purposes each Bluetooth gadget around today. Be that as it may, there are more up to date and further developed codecs, including AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), Qualcomm aptX, and Sony LDAC.

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How can it work?

Numerous Android cell phones enable you to change the codec being used, with the component upheld on from Android Oreo onwards. The working framework ordinarily picks the SBC codec of course, however sometimes, you might almost certainly change to a superior codec if accessible. When utilizing a Qualcomm chipset-controlled cell phone with a couple of earphones that help the aptX or aptX HD codecs, for instance, the cell phone will naturally choose the better codec.

At different occasions, exchanging the codec is a manual procedure. Keep in mind, the earphones or speaker will likewise need to help the codec with the end goal for this to work. Luckily it’s a simple procedure that takes a shot at Android 8.0 Oreo and later forms.

What codec would it be a good idea for me to pick?

This relies upon which codecs are bolstered by your Bluetooth earphones, and this is something you should investigate before you purchase another pair of remote earphones. Backing for superb codecs, for example, Qualcomm aptX and Sony LDAC is perfect, however is typically constrained to top of the line earphones and headphones.

Numerous moderate earphones bolster the AAC codec separated from SBC. In these cases, physically changing to AAC could improve sound quality on your earphones, since AAC is a further developed codec than SBC. For top of the line earphones, changing to Qualcomm aptX or Sony LDAC will impressively improve sound quality. While aptX will consequently actuate on numerous Android cell phones, LDAC should be physically enacted by and large.

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Step by step instructions to change the Bluetooth codec on your Android cell phone

Here’s the way to change the Bluetooth codec being utilized by your Android cell phone and improve the resultant sound quality:

Enact Developer choices on your cell phone if not effectively done. Do this by going into your Android cell phone’s Settings > About Phone/About Device > tap on the manufacture number of the telephone immediately multiple times. This will empower Developer alternatives on the cell phone, giving you access to more changes and settings for the gadget. The Developer alternatives can be found in the Settings menu once initiated.

Pair your Bluetooth earphones and interface them to the Android cell phone.

In the Developer alternatives under Settings, look down to the Bluetooth sound codec and tap it.

Select one of the codecs separated from the default SBC alternative. In the event that your earphones support the codec, it will utilize the chose alternative and improve the sound quality.