A lot number of people uses Gmail to keep their business information secure and don’t want to lose them in any conditions. Some of people are also use it to share the personal information such as bank related details, photos and other.

As Google keep our data secure on Gmail by adding several security features, but we should definitely take a complete backup of our Gmail data.

Here are step-by-step guide to backup our gmail data:

Before starting user needs, a Laptop or PC with working internet connections and enough storage space to download the archive file. As Google offers their users to backup their Gmail account data through several ways, To backup your Gmail data, Google create archive of the all data and let them download using ‘Google Takeout’.

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  • First Open Google Takeout by entering the URL https://www.take.google.com
  • Now Login using gmail account credentials.
  • After getting logged in, select all services for backup and download
  • After making selection, click on Next Step button.
  • Now users need to customize archive format by selecting the archive frequency, file type and file size.
  • When done, click Create Archive button
  • Now wait for process completion and download