Sometimes we loss our data due to our mistakes such as if we lost our phone, hardware brick etc. But can secure our data to prevent losing it. You can make a backup copy of your important data, with a backup and can easily restore it in new device. It’s an easy method to back your data in Android smartphones also there are a lot number of applications that can help you to backup your data. Here are the apps that can help you to do it:

Google Drive:

  • It’s a built-in feature of Android backup service that can back up your android device.
  • You just need to Go to Setting
  • Click on Backup & Reset option
  • Make sure Backup my data option turned on.

With this Android backup service, the following settings will be saved into Google drive for restoration later. This method will backup your smartphone’s Google calendar, Wi-fi networks and passwords, home screen wallpapers, Gmail, apps installed through Google play, display setting etc.

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Samsung Backup:

All Samsung devices comes with their own back service, You only need to create a samsung account to use this service. Follow the steps to backup your data using Samsung backup app:

  • Goto Settings
  • Now click on Gereral
  • Now click on Backup and reset
  • And now click on Backup my data


Same like Samsung, LG smartphones comes with their own backup service, to use this service you need to create a LG account and to backup your data you just need to go to Settings > General > Backup & reset and than click on LG Backup.

Manual backup:

If you think that cloud storage services are not helpful for you and they are not trust worthy, than you can create manually backup of your data on your computer or external device.

You just need to connect your device with your PC using data cable or wireless, and can transfer your files, photos and videos on your computer.