how to activate dnd on jio

Activating DND service is subject to deactivate all those irritating phones calls , messages from the telemarketing companies. You can easily activate DND service on Jio. You just need to follow the below mentioned steps to prevent from unwanted spam callers and text messages.

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Step 1) Here the first step is to download MyJio app from the app store and open it.
Step 2) Click on Hamburger icon on the top left corner of the app
Step 3) Click on setting option
Step 4) Click on service setting option
Step 5) Now click on Do not disturb option
Step 6) And finally click to switch next to Full DND to ON.

Here is also another way to activate DND service by messaging START 0 to the number 1909, this will activate DND service on your Jio sim.