According to the report of BuzzFeed, A new type of advertisement scam may be responsible for your smartphone suddenly losing the battery life and also using a lot internet data. Certain in-app banner ads in Android apps have been running hidden video ads without your permission and fraudsters are generating additional revenue from these hidden ads, but users are losing their smartphone’s battery life along with the data.

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According to the report the fraud was discovered by two labs, Protected media and Double Verify. The fraudsters purchase small space for their banners where they put the auto playing ads videos in the background. However, nobody sees the ads, so the company behind the video gets no exposure in return.

“Fraudsters are purchasing cheap in-app display inventory and are filling it with multiple video players behind innocuous fake branded display ads,” said Asaf Greiner, the CEO of Protected Media.

Aniview CEO, Alon Carmel said in an emailed statement. “We notified and emphasized our clients that the use of our platform must be according to our policy and the IAB and TAG guidelines.”