Here Why UAE has Issue Warning to WhatsApp Users

UAE warns whatsapp users

The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has warned WhatsApp users not to reply to code verification messages unless it was triggered by them.

“Mobile users should not share the verification code that is sent to them by SMS, otherwise, their account will be compromised. Many WhatsApp accounts were hacked this way, and subscribers lost all their details,” The TRA said in a Statement, According to the report of Gulf News.

According to reports, hackers have sent out fake message in English as well as French. One of the messages read: “Code Whatsapp: 592-374. Appuyez sur ce lien pour confirmer votre compte……

“Mobile users were urged to take precaution before opening attached files and links in messages as they can be harmful and allow hackers to access their account, read their messages and have access to their photos,” The report added.