Here What New Features iOS 13 Gets

Apple’s next expected iOS version, than can be unveiled at this year’s WWDC event. According to sources, there could be some UI changes to OS, including the much hyped dark mode, and also expected to offer enhanced multi-tasking abilities with iOS 13.

Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2019 will be held from June 3 to June 7 and the company is expected to unveil a lot of new goodies, and iOS 13 is also expected to make a debut at the event.

According to the 9To5Mac, suggests a few new features to iOS that will surely change the user experience for iPhone and iPad users, and the update is expected to be a free OTA update like previous version.
Here are the feature expected to unveiled at the event.

Dark Mode:

It’s coming to the next version of Android and now it’s coming soon to iOS too. Dark mode UI has been long a demand on Apple devices, and it seems finally Apply is going to full fill it for it’s users. For now there is no information as how Apple will implement the new Dark Mode feature but it’s expected that all your white menu backgrounds turned to black, similar to high contrast mode.

New UI Changes:

Apple is also going to redesign the UI of upcoming iOS 13 version, and the overhaul is expected to be more in line with what was done with iOS 11. The report mentions redesigned UI for the volume slider and redesigned Apple apps.

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Multitasking for iPad:

Apple has been pushing it’s iPad as a laptop alternative but iOS has been holding back for a long. Apple is working to bring a windows-based multi-tasking feature in iOS 13, it means that users can be able to use multiple apps together.

Undo Gesture:

The new version iOS 13 is expected to bring an Undo gesture for Apple devices, also the report suggests that users will be able to do undo and redo for text with gestures, the gesture will require users to tap with three fingers on the keyboard and move either left or right for the undo and redo function to work.