Facebook owned messaging platform Whatsapp is constantly testing new features in beta versions. most of them comes with few minor changes and tweaks. Here messaging platform Whatsapp is taking a big step to fight again the spread of fake news and information. Here what new features Whatsapp is testing in the beta version:

Message Forwarding info:

Whatsapp revealed a beta version 2.19.80 with new feature that reveals how many time a message has been forwarded. Beta users can see the insight under the message Info section, which currently shows the read and delivered status.

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Whatsapp is also working on a new label for forward messages. Also the application will soon notify when a message has been frequently forwarded. This feature will help users to spot a viral message which may or may not be true.

Short Link feature:

Whatsapp is also working on a new feature for Whatsapp Business users. This new feature will help users to shorten link. Currently the feature is available to select users under the Business Settings.